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About Highlite, the company behind Showtec and Infinity Lighting

Highlite’s range of products can be divided into five main brands: Showtec (lighting equipment), Infinity (high-end lighting equipment), DAP Audio (audio, control and sound-mixing equipment), DMT (video technology) and Artecta (architectonic lighting products).

The Showtec range of products is continually refined and adapted by our engineers, always in response to current innovations and the latest developments in the field of lighting technology.

Infinity provides the market with high class intelligent light products. Clever features and sturdy built fixtures are the main characteristics.

The DAP Audio segment recently saw the introduction of the new CORE series. This series, which was developed specially by and for DJs, comprises a collection of mixing consoles, CD players, media players and midi controllers.

DMT features the newest pixel screens that incorporate the latest technology for improved performance at more affordable price levels.

Artecta, the art of lighting, is one of Highlite’s success stories. The demand for high-quality, innovative and artfully designed lighting options is continually increasing. With Artecta, Highlite has embraced the cross-over principle and has joined forces with such companies as Bridgelux (VS), Cree (VS) and EldoLED (NL) to bring even better and more attractive LED lighting options to the architectonic market.